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La Paz Fishing Report

Photo Credit: Baja Adventure Company

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Weather & Bait

This week the crowds seem to be a little lighter then the last few weeks. The airlines, probably due to a myriad of inflation reasons have raised their prices significantly. Hopefully this won’t last long but some of the rates I’ve seen boarder line insane.
The weather is just incredible with warm sunny mornings and hot but not crazy hot breezy afternoons. We metered water up to 82 degrees clear and blue just a few miles offshore. Normally the yellowtail have moved on by this time of year with the beginning of the Pelagic species working their way up. Well the later is true but the yellowtail are still here a they are big and hungry. Mix a couple of those with a 50lb AmberJack, Cubera snapper and fair size Dorado and you got yourself a fish buffet. Not to mention the cabrilla and Roosters that are eating their way through the massive schools of bait that are everywhere. We had a few groups of spearos try their luck up off the seamounts. They reported big schools of AJ’s but had a difficult time getting them to come up. Perhaps a temperature thing but they were a little out of reach.
Fish Talk
Large paddies of sargasso grass are still afloat. Best way to find them is follow the current lines. They are getting fished pretty regularly. This is not a bad thing as each boat chums sardines as they cruise by. So they are pretty loaded up with food. The Dorado are cruising up and down paddie hoping same as us, eventually you’ll hit the Jack pot.
Not much going on yet with the Marlin run. We’ve seen a few free jumpers around El Charro but not worth the run.
We are still getting a few tuna, and big ones at that. It’s just so inconsistent I hate to even mention it let alone call it a bite. I know they’re finding them under the porpoises far offshore. Unfortunately They’re way out of range but that’s how it starts. With the water conditions improving nicely and the amount of bait close-in hopefully it won’t take long for the fish to find their way to our fishing grounds.
A few wahoo have been caught on the south end of Cerralvo. These skinnies are skinny. Mostly in the 20 lb range. They need to fatten up a bit, again with all the bait in the water this shouldn’t take too long.
At the end of the day everybody’s going home with a good variety of great eating fish.
Exciting times with a promising season well within site.
Keep the faith

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